Super Powers/Story

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Super Powers/Story

Postby Thrillhouse3880 » Tue Dec 02, 2014 6:16 pm

With Naruto recently ending it's fifteen year run, I just got to wondering, if you could have any super powers, in real life or for an OC, what would they be? For me, I would have a small amount of different powers but I would try to balance them. Here is a list that I have for my OC character

Holy Release (Affinity)
Water Release
Fire Release
Ice Release
Wind Release

Now it may seem like a lot but my OC has a strong connection to Holy while he is generally weaker in the other elements. Also he eventually gains power in his eyes that allow him "predict the enemy attacks, lets him know what the best counter attack is, and eventually summons an avatar/guardian that surrounds his body."

Once again I know this may seem like he is overpowered, but for this is for my BOF crossover story and my OC (Kyle Belmont) starts at very weak and displays no talent at all.

One last note, If it is alright with people on this website and for those who are interested, I want to post my story on this website in the future. Right now I'm just trying how to begin with the story and make it original.
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Re: Super Powers/Story

Postby labouka » Tue Dec 02, 2014 7:00 pm

I once had my sole attempt at an OC, which still remains (even if I never got to use him again past some roleplays I did in my younger days) my original one. Essentially, my OC runs a dual combination of elements, a primary and a secondary, both at literally a universal level: complete control over everything associated with fire's energies across the entire universe, as his primary, and control of the entire psionic (or psychic, if you may) spectrum of the universe as his secondary.

It sounds overpowered, I know, but it is severely limited, and thus balanced, by a most crippling factor, in regards to his powers: his own limitations as a human being. Having being created from a plot I made back in said roleplay sessions, he is what can be said, in layman's terms, a human/fundamental energies of the universe hybrid. Meaning that, while he could essentially combust a planet with a mere thought, his own physical and mental limitations as a human being (accompanied with a good deal of morality as part of his character) render him unable to do so and generally fully utilise the entirety of his powers.

It seems rather generic, I know, but I still look back at this silly idea I had of this OC and all these creativity outlets it gave me with delight. Definitely one thing that I wouldn't mind having in real life either. XD
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Re: Super Powers/Story

Postby Thetis » Mon May 11, 2015 9:12 pm

I'm creating a multiverse with three primary characters in it. Who are sort of like guardians of a certain bough of a tree of time. Named, appropriately enough, Yggdrasil. The bough they have jurisdiction over is called Geburah, a branch of Yggdrasil. So...I'm putting a lot of work into building this 'verse, but it really is character-based.

You could say that one character is a shapeshifter, the other is...well, a mind-reader. A telekinetic would be the most accurate term, although...she can eventually, uh, take control if she wants to. Heh. The last is sort of like an 'arranger' or novelist of time. sounds overpowered, that last one, but there was a steep, steep price to pay for it.

There's a whole story behind these, but I'm in the middle of cobbling it together. Whee, world building!
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Re: Super Powers/Story

Postby elduderino » Mon Feb 29, 2016 12:27 pm

When I was a kid, my ORIGINAL CHARACTER DO NOT STEAL didn't have any real powers. He was just a Kim Kaphwan ripoff who drove a giant purple truck. Good times.
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