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Meet the staff

Postby Nina Windia » Sun Jun 22, 2014 9:41 pm

Hey, Nina is here!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Admin at your service ;)

Aside of running the site, I like to read and learn as much as I can about dragons, Angels, Myths, legends, tales and the like. I study the Bible and the ancient middle east, so if you need some expert on the subject, you know who to turn to :D

I've been into BoF for as long as I can remember, and as you can see, I have soft spot for the second game.

I'll be around if you need anything (even if you don't), so don't be shy and come and say hello :)

With love
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Re: Meet the staff

Postby NukaCola » Sun Jun 22, 2014 9:53 pm

Hi all, NukaCola here.

I've got a strong passion for videogames, music and drumming. The only thing that comes close to my fanaticism with Breath of Fire is perhaps my deep love for the Back to the Future Trilogy.

I've been a huge fan of Breath of Fire since I got the first game on SNES as a kid back in 1995. It was my first RPG and the first time I became deeply engrossed in a videogame's world. The music, the characters, the lore, all of this influenced me a LOT as a kid. Like Nina I would say Breath of Fire II on SNES is my favorite of the series, but I truly love all of them.

You'll usually see me writing for game websites like Pixelitis and Game Music Online, and I'm fairly active on Twitter (@PatrickKul), where I usually tweet silly things and mostly talk about videogames. I also do drum covers of video music on my VGdrum YouTube channel.

I'm also responsible for the Breath of Fire Facebook and Twitter fan pages, which I wholeheartedly encourage you to follow!
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Re: Meet the staff

Postby Casey » Fri Jul 04, 2014 4:11 pm

Hello there, I'm Casey, the former administrator of :>

I've been an avid fan of Breath of Fire since the release of the first game and always sought to make my own website to connect with other fans when I discovered the internet. In 2001, I created and well, the rest is history? I'm honored to help out Nina in her efforts to rebuild a better fansite and am more than happy to assist you all with any issues you may have here.

When I ran, a lot of people always asked me what my favorite game in the series was. I can't really tell you which one is my favorite because I made it a rule not to be biased towards a single game. There are certain aspects about each game that I truly love and the overall theme represented in each one has always been what the "favorite" to me was. I guess I also liked the idea of people who could turn into dragons. If I had to scale it, my like of the games in the series are: Breath of Fire IV > Breath of Fire V > Breath of Fire II > Breath of Fire III > Breath of Fire. I can't deny my favorite character is Patty because she's pretty quirky like me, especially when she's in trouble she still has a sense of humor. She will always be my avatar in the Breath of Fire world. I guess it's pretty obvious I'm a light dragon clan fan, hm?

What I do with my time besides working full time is playing various MMOs and buying games on steam sales that I'll never play. Here and there, I still like to write and do the real life thing. I also still have that fantasy of making my own BOF game because Capcom apparently likes to punish us.

For those who know me, don't worry, I'm still not afraid to ban people who suck. :>
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Re: Meet the staff

Postby CarnageCrayon » Thu Aug 07, 2014 8:27 pm

Hey everyone,

since i got promoted, thanks again Nina, i thought i'm gonna introduce myself again, alittle more detailed though.

My name is kevin, i'm 27, married, from germany.
My first breath of fire was the 3rd part, and i actually got into it as i started it a second time. The first time i played it, i got my ass handed to me by the workers in the mine, even before i got to the credar woods. i don't know how i did it, but i did it^^' and it actually frustrated me. So later i gave it another shot and started again, and as i got out of the mines, i got caught in the awesomenes that is breath of fire. The music and the design was so amazing, and the story got me from the first moment. I wanted to know who the winged woman and the purple haired man were (yeah, didn't figure out it was a grown-up teepo, i wasn't the smartest cookie in the jar). I enjoyed doing all the bad stuff with rei and teepo and it totally shocked me, what happend after the fight against the horsebros. From that moment on, i couldn't stop playing. I didn't play another game until i beat myria, which to this day is imo one of the hardest bosses in rpg history, if you didn't spend quite some time grinding for level.
after i was done with 3 i started several bidding wars on ebay to get my hands on 4, luckily successful. And it looked even more awesome than 3. the characters were more detailed, the textures were softer, less pixelated. and the mixture of asian and western soundtrack gave me goosebumps. I loved the split story, and all the character that joined the party, especially scias and his wicked kind of humor (though i was a little disappointed that cray couldn't turn into a weretiger as rei could).
As i found out that a 5th part was in the making i went on the at that time terribly slow internet and looked for screenshots and artwork. what i found then, kinda bummed me out. ryu didn't look like ryu imo and only 3 playable characters were too little for my taste. but i wanted to play it never the less. so my parents gave it to me on christmas and i went to play it that same evening, not caring at all that my grandparents were still downstares in the livingroom. and it was way better than i expected. the battlesystem was stategical but still intuitive. the cell-shading really looked awesome, and a few minutes in the game i already hated bosh with a passion.
i didn't play the first two games until a decade later when i got my hands on the gba versions. and though i liked the games, they didn't grow as much on me as 3-5, cause of the memories and stuff i guess...

breath of fire is what really got me into gaming. i used to play before too, but i waas kind of a casual gamer back then, even though the term didn't exist back in the days^^. after that rpgs were and are still my favourite genre and it hurts me to see that it's dying...
as i said i became a huge gamer, owning every console since the snes, having more games than i can account for and spending most of my time on this hobby.
besindes gaming, i play the bass, even though not actively anymore. i used to play in bands, and even earning some money with the concerts we played. i'm also a huge comic-nerd, mostly regarding the dc universe and a little spiderman and deadpool. another love of mine is movies and tv shows. i'm a huge fan of 90s cartoons like freakazoid, the tick, batman and so on, and also the first few anime that came to germany like kickers and sabre rider.

for this forum i hope to be able to keep it a place we all will enjoy and if you ever want to chat or need help with, don't be afraid to write, i'm always interested in meeting new people.
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Re: Meet the staff

Postby Thetis » Mon May 11, 2015 10:19 pm

Well, hello world. I'm Thetis, I've been around this group since the old Dragon Tear days. It's nice to meet you all. ^_^

I fell in love with Breath of Fire IV, which was what brought me into the fandom, even though I played the earlier games. Dragon Quarter cemented my love for the series. I hope to BoFIV someday, though I'm not holding my breath. ^^;

I'm currently a graduate student, with a love of writing fiction, nuking cakes and other baked goods, playing the piano, and other assorted stuff. I have too many hobbies. ^_^ I also like to crochet stuff and quilt...quilts. There's not much to know about me, but feel free to ask for my help if you need it.
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Re: Meet the staff

Postby shadowfox » Wed May 13, 2015 3:30 am

Hi everybody! I'm shadowfox and I've been a big fan of Breath of Fire since I got the 1st game as a Christmas present. I've played all of the games so far and I would have to say my favorite one is still the 1st, followed closely by the 4th. I was an original member of the original Breath of Fire board
I can play piano a bit, I use to play a lot more when I was younger but because of adulthood and responsibilities I don't play as much. I hope to one day get my hands on BoF6 to see if it is any good... I've set the bar pretty low for my expectations though. I do like to create games with others when I have time. I also like to cook but for some reason I have trouble with making desserts with the exception of Tiramisu.
Anyway that's me in a nut shell!
“All are lunatics, but he who can analyze his delusion is called a philosopher.”

― Ambrose Bierce
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Re: Meet the staff

Postby -sparkle- » Thu May 14, 2015 3:56 pm

Hello Sweethearts, I am -sparkle-, 20 years and fan of Breath of Fire for 14 Years now :grin:.
I was six, as my cousin intodruced to me and my two brothers Breath of Fire 3.
Ryu became my first crush and so I watched my brother playing this game.
A few years passed by and I gave it a try myself and beat the game. It was the first time for me to finish a game ^^.
Then of course, the other Breath of Fire games followed. Recently, I played Breath of Fire 5, but too bad couldn't finish it.
5 Years ago I joined Dragon-Tear and became totally upset, as the site shut down. The site helped my improving my english more and more through the years (and also I love this language so much). It feels like my native language right now :'D.
I also met amazing people there, who became my closet friends (too bad I only chat with only one of them left once in a blue moon)

Oh, I also have a BoF OC, Saphira.

I am so glad Dragon Brood exist now and that there are a lot of people I knew from DT joined as well !

My hobbies are reading books, writing stories, drawing, cooking and chatting :grin:.
I am also a big Fan of Roleplays !
Feel free to pm me, if you want to chat, I am not biting !
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