A New Battle IC

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A New Battle IC

Postby Whoops » Thu May 21, 2015 4:27 pm

The great flying city, Windeen has fallen. This once miraculous flying fortress has fallen out of the sky. No one is quite sure what has happened to the city that would make it fall. We do know, that it happened in the dead of night, long before dawn. The impact created giant tidal waves, ravaging many coastlines, and destroyed many cities. Killing many people whilst they slept...

A once proud, peacewaging nation, that existed upon a great flying continent above our heads. Windeen has been a place where the great magic of the Windians was used to benefit our planet. From creating the foods we eat, to making the water that rains on us from the heavens...From them we were given everything, without them ever asking anything in return. Using their great aerial technologies they would deliver food to the starving and create homes for the homeless amongst other great acts. Sometimes they would leave their machines behind and use the great wings which protrude from their backs to fly down, They would visit us personally. Using their awesome presence and magical power to doing things from protecting us from natural disasters to bringing ends to petty "surfacedweller wars". One could say that the Windians were like Gods among men...We do not know how many of them there were, as very few surface dwellers got to visit Windeen. Even the most highly ranking, ridiculously wealthy royalty were excluded from this privilege...Certainly the majority of these proud people must of used their blessed wings and escaped this catastrophe. And yet, there is a severe lacking of their once prominent presence and we do not know if any of them survived.

Windeen has since sank to the bottom of the ocean and the world is in shambles. We on the surface are finding it hard to grow food and combat the monsters that now freely attack our villages and what was the reason for the great city to fall....Who will save us?

The setting sun bathes the landscape in a heavenly orange glow, the arid landscape being an awesome sight at this point in time. Sitting upon a large boulder facing the now risen shoreline, A lone figure waits. The aging man is waiting for something, what it is, he is unsure. A sign of some sort?? His meditation has been broken, something has gotten his attention, The old man looks to the source of the interruption.
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