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Re: Like Breath of Fire? What about Tabletop RPGs?

Postby Hiro365 » Tue Nov 27, 2018 5:47 am

Hi all,

One last post from me to cover what I did for monster conversions (Sorry for the delay. Life, digging through 6 years of DM notes, and putting things into words took a bit).

For the most part I found the closest cousin monster in the 3.5 Manuel and used its stat block for the smaller mobs. Usually describing the monster as it appears in sprite form, though when we used <roll20> I just used the appropriate sprites. Some examples; the ‘Dire Weasel’ makes an excellent ‘Leech’, and a ‘Black Bear’ makes a fair ‘Bugbear’, ‘Boars’ do well for ‘Biruburus’, and ‘Arrowhawks’ for ‘Beaks’, ‘Fungus’ for ‘Meedid’, ‘Monstrous Spider (Medium)’ for ‘Widow’, Lizardfolk, Harpies, Goblins, etc.

Sometimes mixing and matching creature abilities was necessary to better mimic the games. Example; ‘Oozes’ are good bases for ‘E.Sludges’ or ‘Ameblobs’ and give the range of challenge levels for the color swapped sprites, and I made substitutions like swapping acid damage for being able to cast a low level fire spell (Mage Goo) to mimic the games and keep the challenge rating about the same.

Bosses were usually more tailored by finding two creatures I liked and then averaging stat blocks and picking which abilities they needed, or using some templates from the old WoC site, or just using the stat block for numbers and using abilities from elsewhere. Here are the ones I have the most detailed records for:

Bunyan used the ‘Giant Ant (soldier)’ stat block by increasing the HD to d10s, replacing bite with ‘Great axe’, replacing his special attacks and feats with Weapon Focus, Improved Sunder, and Power Attack, and the skill with Profession Woodsman.

Augus was first a Jacklewere with the Two-Headed template, and when my players decided to forego that encounter, I re-rolled him later as a Lv 15 Gnoll Fighter focusing on bared handed feats with the Two Headed Template for when they returned. See this link for the template: < ... /20020621a>

Dolphin was a Fang drake from Kobold Press’s Monster Mondays <>

Terapin was a Bonespear, with a ‘summon vermin’ ability, breath attack, earthquake (spell) for ¾ normal damage, and lacking its poison.

Kuwadora was a Froghemoth, at the end of a three phase fight, a Fencer with two guards, three water elementals in a rain storm, and then the Froghemoth/Demon form of the false prince.

Algernon was an Orcwort from Monster Manual II, with the wortlings being respect-ed for Dex based combat.

I made a Guardian out of a lv16 Cleric variant where you trade Turn Undead for Smite, with 7 starting HD being from its Dragonkin monstrous humanoid race, smite evil 4x/day +15 dmg, Aura of Courage (fear immunity), 7 feats, Darkvision, detect magic at will, large size.

Gaist was a Balor with paladin levels to CR17. Cleave, Improved Initiative, Power Atk, Quicken Spell-like Ability(telekinesis), Weapon Focus great axe (Vorpal Great Axe),Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Two Weapon Fighting, Dmg reductions 15/ cold iron & good, Darkvision, Flame body (6d6 per round to grappled opponents), Immune to electric/fire/poison, Acid/cold resist 10, Spell res 28, Telepathy 100ft, True sight, Explodes on Death : reflex DC30 to halve 100dmg, Unholy aura, Summon Demon (Spell Lv9), Insanity or power word stun. Aura of good, Detect evil, Smite 5xday, Lay on hands 160, Aura of courage.

Necroman was an Angel of Decay with Inquisitor levels to bring it to around CR18, and the following feats/abilities/spells; Cleave, Combat Reflex’s, Great Fort, Improve Initiative, Improved Toughness, Iron Will, Lighting Reflexes, Power Attack, Toughness, Dmg Reduction 10/adamantine & magic, Darkvision, Spell res 24, Undead, Unholy grace, Rotting aura 15ft DC24 fort 5d6 decay heal undead for 5, Rotting touch extra 1d6+6 heals self for 5, Detect evil, Inquisition domain, Immune to charms/compulsions/possession, Pierce illusion, Pierce disguise, Force shape change, Discern lies, City spells: Animate City, City lights, City Might, Urban Shield, Winding Alleys,

Habukuru was a Mind flayer (Wizard/Enchanter Lv20). Empower spell, Maximize spell, Quicken spell, Silent spell, Still spell, Widen spell, Craft rod, (plus 4 more feats which I didn’t fill out).

Barubary was based on the Hullathoin from the Fiend Folio (Huge). Where I gave him 16dex, and 15 con 60ft movement 40ft burrow, a 30ft cone ‘Necrotic Breath’ attack DC20 Fort save (halves) for 8d6 necrotic and withering damage (8d8 to Amphibious, Plant, and Fish type creatures). Quadrupedal, Dmg Reduction 20/+2, Fast Heal 8, Improved Grab, Improved Grapple, Fling Enemy, Improved Initiative, Sunder, Improved Crit, Multi Attack, Power Attack, Weapon Focus (Bite), Cold and Electric immunity, Fire resist 15, Holy weakness, and got rid of whatever abilities the original monster had. I think I doubled his HP at the end too.

Myria was just strait up a mix of Tyr and Tiamat from Deities and Demigods, and really that fight came down to more how my players dealt with the situation than the stats themselves.

My advice for monsters is have fun with it, My group tends to like more Very Difficult to Overpowering encounters as it allows for more creative solutions than ‘hit with axe till dead’.

Other things: I can post the races from my blog <> here in this thread as well, if you guys want. And I would be happy to answer any other questions about my campaign.
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Re: Like Breath of Fire? What about Tabletop RPGs?

Postby Ejdeha » Wed Dec 12, 2018 11:04 am


That shaman rule system looks amazing, and I have an idea for a campaign that we could maybe test things in. I appreciate all of the suggestions i have had so far, and honestly if anyone has any other suggestions (EX: maybe a neat racial bonus for say, Grassrunners etc) that'd be hella helpful!
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Re: Like Breath of Fire? What about Tabletop RPGs?

Postby Hiro365 » Thu Jan 03, 2019 7:03 am

Oh hey, I found the link to the write up that I borrowed from when I was starting up. <>
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