Breath of Fire 3 Redux, how do you imagine it?

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Re: Breath of Fire 3 Redux, how do you imagine it?

Postby ThanatosZero » Tue Feb 21, 2017 12:25 am

If there was a Redux, I like to make unwinnable boss battles, winable but with the outcome, that Garland, and Balio & Sunder recover and reduce you to dust.

If Rei, Teepo and Ryu were to win, they two Unicorns admit they underrestimated them and call in their men. The three get overwhelmed.

When Garr gets down, at the contest, he will stand up and deliver the final blow swiftly. Garr will remark, that he was more powerful than he expected.

Also regarding Teepo, I like to play him in a New Game +, which explains his whereabouts during the Child and Adult Chapters.
In addition, he will actually make use of his brood powers to bypass checkpoints and natural obstacles, since he has no companions following him. And while we play as him, he will make bad experiences with people who actually abuse his powers for their own selfish ends.

Regarding the Dragon transformations, I rather like to keep things the way they are.

A few more ideas though:

- Finish loose ends story wise, by actually giving Rei answers to his questions.
- Bring in DeathEvan as a Super Boss which affects the ending on a more positive note.
- Expand the Arena by becoming the new Patron during the Adult Chapter.
- Bringing closure between Ryu and Nina's parents.
- Etablishing a link to BoFIV story, by making the Brood descendants of the Endless.
- Spare Teepo during the Dragon Lord battle reducing his HP to 1 point exactly.
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Re: Breath of Fire 3 Redux, how do you imagine it?

Postby Type0x » Wed Feb 22, 2017 3:38 am

I would like to note that I really liked the idea presented in the original post of this thread, of going back to towns after certain events have passed and new things are happening in the towns. Especially Mt. Glaus, I always thought it would be great to have a "secret master" on Mt Glaus, possibly in the cabin. Or some kind of rare item from an NPC for going back and visiting perhaps. Maybe a Midas Stone could be lying around McNeil Mansion...

And speaking of master system, I really enjoy the thought I put into Breath Of Fire 3 every playthrough when switching up characters masters. Although I wish there was a faster way of getting under their tutelage. For example, there's a star in the log if you've "mastered" all of a masters skills they can teach you. What if as a reward for that, the character who has mastered said master can become their disciple again from the "Master's List" option in book in the tent during the camping sequence instead of charting across continents and oceans to go under an old master.
I also would like to add Giotto is one of my favorite masters as far as stats are concerned with HP and MP and i often find myself returning to Rhaphala quite often after ive crossed the ocean to be his student. (Also, he should have taught the skill "Tsunami", just saying.) and it would be cool if after he is mastered, you could return to him after getting high enough Angling Points to get rare items.

Speaking of the Rhaphala area, I would of liked to see another shisu cooking section in the game....jk

Also, I wish GooTitans showed up more often haha.

I also would like to see deeper character development if there were a redux of sorts. Maybe in this redux there could be small side-quests for each one of your characters delving into their character, each getting a new weapon in the process, their most powerful weapon (save for those you could acquire stolen by monsters). I don't know, just a cool thing I would like to see added in a remake.
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