Breath of Fire, New Damage System

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Breath of Fire, New Damage System

Postby Ediros » Wed May 03, 2017 7:30 pm

Hello, my fellow posters.

After playing Breath of Fire 3 and a few other RPGs, I came to conclusion that the damage system in all games had it's ups and downs. In BoF 3, magic became worthless about halfway into the game, which I found a bit ridiculous.

So, I have decided to think of a way to make all sorts of classes viable, including mage. I will not cover things such as mana cost and damage, since it something that needs testing. So with that out of the way, I shall explain my stance on it.

The Resistances are back, separated into many different categories and giving a spell like Ragnarock more of an impact than an Aura. The resistances naturally cap at 6 (Meaning nullify damage, etc, with one exception), with certain items setting the cap at 7.

These Resistances are:

Physical: 5 (Reduces Damage by 75%, thus only 25% goes through. Of Course Defence is back, which acts as a damage threeshold).
Flame/Frost/Electric/Earth/Wind: 6
Bio: 6
Sonic: 6
Water: 6
Psionic: 6
Status: 6
Death: 6
Holy: 6
Darkness: 6, humans and such are at 5 normaly. Works best against holy type of enemies – angels and such. (Because, let's be honest BoF 3 is too simple in some ways)

The stats also change to accomodate new types and new ways to deal with them. Most stats cap at 1000, with the exception of HP, which caps at 10000 and Will, which caps at 100.


c)INT/MIGHT/WILLMagic works differently. Seriously Nina with 999 int deals less damage than Ryu, Garr, Peco or Rei that punch stuff. Instead we separate it into two different stats: Might and Will.
Might = int + ap regen;Will = Mag Defence + Guts Chance
Will = 100 [MAXED OUT] (Guts chance 100% (first time) + 50% Magic Reduction and after that Reduces Magical damage by 2000, for each point of willpower you get 20 DT.)
Mjolnir at 1000 int, It should Deal 11000 Damage, one shooting a character with no magical defence (NO WILLPOWER OR any other type of defence.).
The new Formula would be: power of spell*10 + (power of spell*int/10). Myollnir has got 100 base damage btw.

e)HP 9999

f)AP and AP restoration. Now AP, will restore itself if the character has got more than 99 int. Every 100 int, gives 1 AP per turn.Considering that in order to reach the cap, we would have to grind like crazy, I think it is fairly balanced.

Some spells and such have got new types of interactions.

-Barrier -Raise one target's magic defense. Now in vanilla it blocks 50% of magical damage. Pretty good, I would say. However, what if we combine it with a damage threshold using intelligence? So let's say our character has got 200 int. If he/she casts the barrier, it will reduce the damage by 50% and the rest will be blocked by int*2 threshold, which would be 400. It is still not much, but with enlighment and meditate it would be a pretty damn good. Thus giving more time to put some more types of equipment.

-Mind Shield - my own spell. Basically you create a shield that will absorb certain amount of damage. It scales with intelligence, but can be broken with attacks that nullify magic etc. Like Pentagram spell that never got implemented.

It is not 100% complete, mind you. However, I believe this type of damage system would certainly benefit BoF games. Now then, I would like to ask your opinion about it.

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