How can we tell Capcom we want Fou-Lu in Marvel vs Capcom?

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Do you want Fou-Lu in Marvel vs Capcom? :)

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Nope! :3
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Yes but only because it's our best bet at reviving Breath of Fire at this point...
I would prefer another Character to be honest but if Fou-Lu is added then it's better than nothing at least...
As long as it can help revive Breath of Fire any Character is fine by me... ^_^ :3
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I don't care about Marvel vs Capcom but i would try it out just for Fou-Lu if they added him! :3 ^_^
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How can we tell Capcom we want Fou-Lu in Marvel vs Capcom?

Postby Luna » Sun Feb 10, 2019 2:48 am

Hello folks! ^_^ This is my First Topic and First Post on this Forum! :smile: I was Sad when i saw the Dragon Tear Site was no longer working but i got Happy when i saw a new Breath of Fire Forum! ^_^ Image I will introduce myself better later... :smile:

Say... Is there any way we can tell Capcom we want Fou-Lu in Marvel vs Capcom?

As some of you may have heard they were planning on adding Fou-Lu as a Playable Character to Marvel vs Capcom 3 but decided not to due to feeling Breath of Fire is not Popular enough outside of Japan :

Is there any way we can tell them we want him? It would benefit both Breath of Fire and the Marvel vs Capcom Series as i'm sure plenty of people who have never been interested in trying a Marvel vs Capcom game would be interested in trying it out if Fou-Lu was added, as Capcom themselves noted the Breath of Fire Series appeals to different Demographics than the Marvel vs Capcom games so the Fanbase for Marvel vs Capcom would increase as i myself have never been interested in that Series but i would try it out if Fou-Lu was in it...

Many people who have never heard about or have never been interested in the Breath of Fire Series may also get interested in trying out a Breath of Fire game if Fou-Lu gets in... If Fou-Lu becomes Popular among the Marvel vs Capcom Fanbase it may return interest to the Breath of Fire Series and may even Revive the Series from it's long, long Slumber...

It's thanks to Marth becoming a Popular Character in Smash Bros that led to the Fire Emblem Series being Officially released in English as people became Curious about the Series he originally hailed from and one of my Friends said he never had any interest in trying a Persona game before until Joker was added to Smash Bros recently and now he's going to get Persona 3 Portable to try out the Series as he got Curious about it...

Developers could really use putting their Characters into more Crossover Games... ^_^ It would really attract more people both to the Crossover Series as well as the Original Series the Characters hailed from... :smile: Advertisement for both Sides! ^_^ :3

Is there any way we can help Fou-Lu get in? It's our best bet at reviving Breath of Fire at this point...
Fou-Lu fou_lu____by_rinoabc-d3j0j0h.gif
Would be pretty Ironic if Fou-Lu was the one who awoke the Breath of Fire Series from it's long Slumber considering he was asleep for a long Time himself in his Tomb no? ^_^ :3
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Re: How can we tell Capcom we want Fou-Lu in Marvel vs Capco

Postby MrBaba » Mon Feb 11, 2019 8:34 pm

I'd prefer a Nina or hell Deis over Fou-Lu myself tbh.
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Re: How can we tell Capcom we want Fou-Lu in Marvel vs Capco

Postby Rurouni » Tue Feb 12, 2019 12:33 pm

I would love to see Fou-Lu in some crossover games. I think he has the better chance of all the characters, followed by Deis and Nina from BoFII, maybe Garr and Rei too because they are cool looking for a game like this. It's a shame Ryu shares name with the only one character that's going to be in EVERY crossover game xD sometimes I think they wouldn't use him to avoid two Ryus in the same game.

Katt would be nice too, but they have Felicia instead that is way more popular and it's like the same concept of a feline girl. Almost all other characters from BoFI, BoFII and BoFV have no chance. And sure BoF6 sales didn't help the franchise to be considered for future crossovers.

So yeah, Fou-Lu is the better option to make it to a this kind of games. BUT it's a shame BoF franchise is always excluded from the crossover games, only with small cameos like MvsC3 endings with Rei and Garr... even with Namco X Capcom that was a RPG game like BoF, the ONLY popular RPG franchise Capcom has... and Namco didn't think to add even a cameo with the huge amount of characters that game has!

They use obscure characters everywhere but seems there's not a BoF fan in the game staff xD That's a point too. Some characters are used only because there's someone inside the developers that can make decisions for the final cast.

Answering you question, I think the only way to let them know we want Fou-Lu or ANY BoF character in the game is social media, specially Twitter where you can communicate with developers and people from Capcom. If they announce a new MvsC we could try with a HT and sending messages, but then there's the other problem: BoF fandom is not that big. Maybe they will see like 50 or 100 people asking for Fou and say "yeah, it's a fact is not that popular outside Japan" xD

At the end, we can try things but our best bet is pray to have a BoF fan inside the developers xD
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