Breath of Fire 6 Meets Its End

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Re: Breath of Fire 6 Meets Its End

Postby ChaosPrime8 » Fri Nov 30, 2018 9:34 am

MrBaba wrote:Eh.. honestly, there's really not much of anything I like about 6 asides from maybe the Deis design and that's it.

If they do make a new game for consoles/PC, I hope they make it from scratch and not follow on this shitshow.

Deis is in BoF6? I know Ryu is a supporting character, but does he have a speaking role?
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Re: Breath of Fire 6 Meets Its End

Postby Rurouni » Thu Dec 27, 2018 11:32 am

ChaosPrime8 wrote:Deis is in BoF6? I know Ryu is a supporting character, but does he have a speaking role?

Yes, Deis was a story character, she appears in the last episode released. And Ryu speaks too xD he's like the final boss of the game, at least at the point it was cancelled. The story had so much more to show, it's a shame they didn't finish it properly.

I really like the characters and story of the game, the only real problem was the platform and its limitations. But the team was doing a really nice job trying to make it an interesting BoF game storywise (with all the limitations a game like this had) and the designs there were some amazingly done (Hanzo, Leto, Deis, the Woren named "Cray" in the game data xD ). The Kamaitachi race was a nice add to the franchise I think, the Maoren race was a great point in my opinion since I refused to call Hachio a Woren and now they have an official new race xD Even respecting the chinese theme naming of them.

We have a introduction web comic, a short side-story manga, the novel, 2 animated promo videos. All nice material, even if it was not enough. And all the things they couldn't use, they were going to bring back BoFII G.Drgn design for example, and even some BoFIV dragons like Wyvern, Warrior and Kaiser too. So I think it was going to be the game with most references and a strong connection with the other games.
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Re: Breath of Fire 6 Meets Its End

Postby FPSDoug » Sun May 05, 2019 7:55 am

Answer: CAPCOM should think about doing less RE and more japanese games like BoF, Rival Schools and Darkstalkers, with the arrival of a good RE2: remastered, DMC 5 (without emos Dantes, although there was an Emo Vergil with appearance of Kylo Ren of Star Wars ) and a Monster Hunter with a DLC from The Witcher.

BoF6 I think it was a good game, but if it was not because it only gave Japan a negative reviews or mixed, multiplayer back to an RPG that did not require an online account, and much design from previous JRPG's from other games of this decade that already go flat and you did not see a difference in the first 4 BoF's.
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