Breath Of Fire 7

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Breath Of Fire 7

Postby Type0x » Mon May 16, 2016 10:29 pm

This is the introduction to a story I will be writing.................................

Breath Of Fire 7

The world is a desolate place...a majority of our planet is covered in deserts and mountains, the forests our ancestors played in as children were all but eradicated. Humanity as we know it are the descendants of a subterranean race of humanoids. Living miles under the earth.We only escaped the underworld seven generations ago...The planet is a desolate wasteland after the great calamities that tore our world asunder., I can't tell you much as, admittedly, I do not know most of the answers to the questions you are bound to have, I will tell you what I know...Also I should mention, What was once called years are now referred to as "Cycles". After the resurfacing our ancestors were obsessed with the Sun you see, so now we measure our age by the cycles of the sun circling this planet. So, obviously our time is measured the exact way it was in the past. But in tribute to our ancestors escaping the underworld, we celebrate our years by a new name...just thought i'd clear that up before I tell you this............

Nine generations of ancestors ago four great heroes escaped the subterranean world in which humanity once lived, we do not know much of the underworld, as, there is very little written record of it. Our society has gone through seven generations, all of which we have titled in tribute. The first generation we call the "Heroes Age of Resurfacing" or, "The Resurfacing", "Great Resurfacing", This period of time has many titles. It was here that 4 humans escaped the aforementioned underworld for the first time in...well...a very long time; centuries maybe. After the heroes resurfaced they made several trips in and out of the underworld. Bringing more and more humans to the surface each time. There were supposedly nearly 2000 humans brought to the surface over the course of this age. When they came to the surface they built a relatively primitive culture compared to ours now. In this period of time, our great heroes discovered the surface world was beautiful. Paradise...the Sun, The Sky, the trees, the grass, the water, mountains, the whole shibang. Our ancestors in this period of time lived off of the land in harmony with nature and focused all of their efforts on building homes, hunting, gathering and stuck together in a city sized area helping one another survive...It was not until the Second Generation that things began to change yet again, we call this period of time the "Age of Exploration". The second generation of surface dwellers grew tired of picking up where their parents left off, and instead, branched outward and scattered directions in attempts to build new communities in new places. Their main incentive was to find a place they could colonize that was closer to water. So in the middle of the night a majority of the children escaped into the horizon to see the new world...Only to find out that there were monsters everywhere outside of the area they first resurfaced. Many were slaughtered, but a majority of humanity lived on and discovered new areas to call home. Aside from the occasional monster den this world was a paradise and the explorers flourished and built great cities and monuments in their parents honor. "The Third Age" came about four Generations, or four hundred cycles ago. This was a terrible time to be alive as the surface world was devastated by drought, famine, pestilence and great balls of fire fell from the skies in which they worshipped. It was at this point that our ancestors attempted to travel back to where humanity surfaced. After making it back they built a fortress stronghold amidst the mountains that surrounded the resurfacing site. At first they bored holes in the mountains and built homes within them. After a time, it was decided they needed to build a "center of operations" where the people could strategize future exploration trips. It was then that our base of operations "Agnion" was created. It was built from reinforced Quartz and powered by Chrysm, the tissue of dead monsters which are in ready supply outside of the mountain walls. The Fourth Age then came about 260 cycles ago. We call this period of time "The Age of Reunion" in this age we discovered that other cultures escaped the underworld as well, perhaps even before our ancestors. Our ancestors found other human settlements outside of our own and began to create relations with them. Trading food, supplies, mythologies, histories things like that. But that was a long time ago...I admittedly am ignorant of the events of the ages that precede the first four. But i'm sure someone in this story will reveal it to you eventually.

I do know that the world is a much more peaceful, "Green" place then it used to be. Eventually all the grass, trees, animals and the like came back to our world and we now live in a world of relative peace...
Let me tell you about us.

We are the Zenithian Order, essentially a hub for people to employ mercenaries that we house. Most of the jobs we take on are fairly simple in these peaceful times. We will not and are not required to complete a mission we find morally questionable. We are led by Commissioner Ruddra, he is part of a race of humans that were genetically modified for life extension. He is over 400 years old and has personally bore witness to the devastation of the third age, and the building of our great command center. Few cross him and live, but, few cross him at all. He is quite softhearted for a commander of a mercenary group. It was he who discovered many of The talented fighters we have at our disposal, including Ryu and Ianos.

Let me introduce you to some of the main characters in our story...

Ryu- A blue haired swordsman who has served the Zenithian Order for the past decade as a mercenary. His origins are unknown, as he was found alone in the desert when he was in his 8th cycle around our sun. He claims to have come from a wealthy family that abandoned him in the desert. He has refused going into details and we have not been able to discern his past as of yet. He has served in the order for a majority of his life and shows great promise with his swordplay and tenacity. He is the first one to volunteer for any assignment and has yet to fail in a mission since he was officially registered in his 15th cycle. Something tells me that this young man has a great destiny in front of him.
Height: 6'0
Hair: Blue

Ianos- A martial artist from the village of Rince just south of our center operations, he is believed to be a descendent of the 4th hero. He fights with staves and is very adept in using magic capable of making himself and his allies stronger.
He enlisted in the Order when he was in 13th cycle and has risen up the ranks and become quite the accomplished mercenary,
Age: 30
Height: 6'1
Hair: Deep Purple

Nina- Of all of the Zenithian order, The family from which Nina belongs is of the utmost importance. Descended from a long line of Wyndian Royalty. Nina XII has been trained since birth in the martial arts, sword wielding, arcane arts and mercenary work by order of the King of Wyndya. She along with the rest of us in the order is an accomplished mercenary with years under her belt. She seems to have taken a shine to one of our younger recruits named Ryu and helps train him in her spare time.
Age: 25
Height: 5'6
Hair: Blonde

Vulky- A decendent of the interterrestrial race of Gramoria, she belongs to a rare sub-species of humans commonly refered to as Diggers, or, the layman slang of "Mole People". Astonishingly more human like in appearance then the rest of her clan, her mole like appearance is limited only to her elongated snout that is more reminiscent of that of the Grassrunner clan, her short stature and claws also bear resemblance to her ancestors. She has lived her life amongst her clan burrowing in the earth for decades
Age: 27
Height 4'11
Hair: Black

Randin- Part of a race of giant humans that live in the clouds, Randin is a strong, silent character that avoided an unjust death sentence thanks to Ryu and his companions.
Age: 42
Height: 8'9
Hair: Brown

And my name is:
Zynkori- A robot soldier that will appear later in the story...For now we will start from the beginning....


I will be working on this chapter by chapter. The first will be posted within 2 weeks
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Re: Breath Of Fire 7

Postby Nina Windia » Mon May 16, 2016 11:05 pm

*Is eager to see more*
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Re: Breath Of Fire 7

Postby Type0x » Thu Jun 02, 2016 12:48 am

A cool breeze is coming from the north, it sweeps through the the Agnis region. The various cities, villages, towns, farms In the region are enjoying it as a break from the heat of mid-day. Amongst all of these things, In the center of our story lies Agnion City.

Agnion City is a marvelous site to behold, A giant transparent dome made of the most transparent quartz humanity has ever seen. It’s gargantuan walls impenetrable, reinforced by an ancient magical energy source, it is the perfect fortress. Surrounding the City is a desertous tundra with very few settlements between the dome and the giant ring of mountains surrounding the tundra. From the air, it looked like a ring of mountains with a desert in the middle of the ring, with a giant dome in the center of this desert. Small villages and security outposts are within the desert and are blessed with running water and rich soil through the power of Chrysm energy and Wyndian magic.

Just a short walk from the city of Agnion a large tree stands amidst an arid landscape, in this tree a young man is sleeping within it’s branches. Just a few feet above his head a beetle is slowly devouring a leaf. As the cool breeze arrives the beetle plummets from his smorgasbord and falls into the mouth of a human sleeping in one of the trees thick branches below…

..Mmph! *Hack* *Cough* *Cough*! The lad has just swallowed a beetle! what a shock!

The jerk reactions that came from his stirring from slumber sent him plummeting to the ground eleven feet below him. The shock shakes the ground to such an extent that the branches drop leaves from the aftershock.

Crying in pain he shouts, “C’mon! This is the second time toda—“ his cry was interrupted by the unmistakeable sound of combat in the distance. Forgetting the pain he is suffering from his fall he bolts up onto his feet and listens closer. His arm quickly reaches back and holds the handle of his blade in his backsheath. He stands in contemplation when the realization hits him.

“I’m late!” the young man proclaims, and with that he is sprinting full speed in the direction of the sound. Jumping over large rocks, The sand under his heels slowing him down as he ran. This is Ryu, and this is a typical scenario for him, he was never the most punctual of people and is often late to important events. Nevertheless his speed is remarkable, almost, inhuman. Hurdling past trees and leaping small rivers, like they were nothing he curses under his breath.

“Ianos is going to have all the fun, I can’t let that happen again! Maybe the battle just started! That’s what woke me up I bet!” Completely forgetting the beetle that he is now digesting…Further along his path he almost loses his balance as he screeches to a halt in his tracks. Looking to his right he sees a drop in a canyon, and when he gets closer to the ledge and looks below him he finds the source of the commotion.

Hundreds of Zenithian soldiers were doing battle with what looked like men in strangely bright yellow and green armor. Ryu composes himself as he takes a deep breath and stretch his spine backwards putting his face to the sky. “Well, that’s a relief. It’s just the Dumees. No problem…” A smug grin precedes a cheeky laugh as Ryu unsheathes his blade from the holster on his back and charges straight into the direction of the fray. Jumping high into the air, landing on a boulder to his left he sits for a few seconds taking in the battle he sees before him….these green and yellow armored “soldiers” are robots, training dummies The Order uses to practice their fighting skills. So Ryu’s worry had vanished, he didn’t particularly care to expend energy on Dumees…But even so, something within him wants to take part in the simulation….Fighting…Call it angst, call it recklessness, he didn’t care what drove him to battle, he lived for the duel. Ever since he picked up a sword in his 12th cycle…

The noise of the combat is now deafening, “Die bastard!” a soldier bellows as his heavy broad sword severs a dummy in two…only for it to disappear into nothing. Dummes were a strange technology Ryu didn’t completely understand. Ultimately they are holographic and do not bleed as they aren’t human, yet they didn’t leak oil as if a machine, although one could call it a machine i suppose. But rather these things literally disappear in thin air. They are also unable to physically harm the soldiers, making them the perfect sparring partner…or so it would seem.

“Did you see that Ryu? I got him!” Puzzled, Ryu tries to recognize the soldier who has addressed him. He has never met him. “Right on. You sure did.” He solemnly replies.

Ryu stands still and takes a breather. It would appear that this soldier was either left behind or a coward, as he was a good 100 yards from the rest of the battle. But on the other hand Ryu isn’t as pressed to fight as he normally would and enjoys the peace. the pudgy adolescent Ryu sees before him then hastily adjusts his armor as he introduces himself. “My name is Loan! I just signed up to serve the order yesterday. People tell me I need to talk less, and Im going to try and talk as little as possible, But, you’re Ryu! You’re the guy Ianos mentioned…” this gets Ryu’s attention. “So you know Ianos?” Ryu interrupts him. “Yes! Ianos and I are from the same town! We only lived a mile or so away from each other. He used to flirt with my sister a lot, thats how I met him.” Ryu laughs, “Ianos flirting? I bet that’s a funny sight”. A loud bang goes off in the distance, they turn towards the noise to see someone had casted a “Simoon” spell on the robots. The sound snaps Loan back to the battle at hand and dashes towards the fray, yelling as he runs…”Ok Ryu, you take the left and I’ll…” He stops himself not seeing Ryu by his side. He stops, turns around and sees Ryu walking away from the battle. “Hey!! Hey Ryu! Where are you going?!” Ryu looks back and jumps from wall to wall of the canyon, higher and higher towards the top of the canyon as if it was effortless. “Wow…Ianos didn’t mention Ryu is a superhero!”…Loan then comes to a realization. “Y’know…” he thinks to himself “Ryu has been in the order for a long time and look what he can do! If bet if I stick with this I can do that too!” With that thought, his confidence ignited as he screamed at the top of his lungs into the battle.

High above this, our friend Ryu slowly begins his trek back to his favorite tree to spend the rest of the day.

The next chapter may take longer to write but I will post it when it is done in the coming weeks.
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Re: Breath Of Fire 7

Postby Turbo852 » Wed Sep 07, 2016 3:08 am

Hey, this is a very cool story so far! I like how you've setup the characters so far.

I'm looking forward to more!
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Re: Breath Of Fire 7

Postby Type0x » Sun Jan 29, 2017 10:53 pm

I had lost the password to my account. and in that time the files containing more of the story was lost. The next part of this will be posted this week
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Re: Breath Of Fire 7

Postby Type0x » Tue Jan 31, 2017 11:00 pm

The hot sun is draining the energy of Ryu, who has now started walking back to his favorite tree, He stops for a moment to take in a cool breeze coming from the west, giving him a much needed respite. As he is walking, memories flood back to him. He is reminiscing of a particularly exhausting training session that happened a few days prior and the calming embrace of the branches of his sleeping tree, whose image can be faintly seen on the horizon, some 200 yards away. Strangely enough, most of his memory is gone. His oldest memory is about a decade old. It is a painful memory of waking in the desert, alone and dehydrated. With nothing but his clothes and a letter addressed to him from his parents, apologizing for their lack of parental abilities and their begging forgiveness for stranding him in the desert. “hahaha well I guess they did what they thought was best” Ryu murmurs to himself unsure if what he said makes any sense, he quickly brushes his emotions away, Ryu often laughs and puts off any of the bad feelings associated with his parents. Its the best way to cope. His head is now completely in the clouds with thoughts of his beloved sleeping tree…Completely oblivious to the shifting sand less than 5 yards behind him…The shift in the sand has followed him for almost half of an hour, keeping it’s distance as it sums up it’s potential prey.

A mandible slowly emerges from beneath the sand, a large centipede like creature has got the wanderer in it’s sights…or rather….its echolocation. Generations of mutation has made most of the insectoid “monsters” in the area blind with only their ears being used for vision…the monster quietly arches its spine and lunges at Ryu from behind! The unknowing wanderer is struck in the back by sharp pincers now grinding into his skin. He shouts an expletive and quickly spins himself around trying his hardest to pull the creature out of his body. But to no avail.
“I’m not going out like this!” he proclaims as he unsheathes his sword. A quick downstroke, a sound of steel on scales is heard and a sickening mix of a gurgle and a scream is heard as the beast has been killed. The body slowly evaporating into thin air. All but the pinchers, which for some reasons had detached themselves prior, and were still protruding out of Ryu’s back.

“Damn it!” blood is slowly leaking out of the place where pincer and skin meet. No matter how Ryu stretches he cannot reach them. The poison from the pincers are slowly taking effect. Their neurotoxic properties numbing Ryus legs. “Is this really how it ends?” is all Ryu can muster before his knees give out and his head hits the sand. With a final breath the world vanishes and he blacks out.

“Ryu…? Ryu! Can you hear me? It’s mommy. I’m so proud of you…”

With a jolt of pain Ryu has awakened in a laboratory. The darkness of the room he is in a stark contrast to the blistering sun he dealt with only (seemingly) moments ago. Strange colored lights with seemingly no purpose other than to look futuristic line the walls. Greens, Reds, Blues, Yellow and Purples flashing on an off with no discernible pattern…. He is surrounded by 3 men wearing lab coats and strange spectacles that hide the color of their eyes.
“Hm? Hey…he’s awake!” The shortest one of them shouts. “Get him an IV of fluid, he’s going to make it!”… a stern, yet soothing female voice interrupts the scientist. ”That won’t be necessary” A cool sensation is now sweeping through Ryus legs, up to his torso, his chest and now the top of his head feels lightheaded and warm. He knows this feeling, someone has cast a Heal spell on him.

For one reason or another, People will feel differently depending on who casts healing magic on them. Most people feel nauseous for a few seconds proceeding being healed by magic, But Ryu knew this feeling very well. “Ninnnaaa…” is the last thing Ryu says before he blacks out again.

Ryu…? Ryu! Can you hear me? It’s mommy. I’m so proud of you…come closer…let me see your face…”

“WAKE UP!” a loud voice bellows as Ryu has regained consciousness for the third time today.
He looks around the room and sees he is back in his room in the barracks. Across from him is a man not much older than he is, with striking purple hair and robes that look reminiscent of a wizards. “So are you awake yet?” he says half demanding, half chuckling. “No” Ryu responds, the sarcastic tone getting a laugh from the man sitting opposite him. The purple haired man stands up from the chair he was seated, adjusts his belt and begins to walk towards the door. “Its good to see you’re ok. A rookie found you unconscious in the desert area…how do you think that makes the Order look? Ryu, one of our more promising members, bested by a lowly insect.” “Hey!” Ryu retorts. “You know how massive those things can get! That one was the largest i’d ever seen! It could of eaten me whole! Give me a break Ianos, everyone makes mistakes.” “That may be true Ryu, but you have to be more careful. Next time there might not be a rookie around to save your ass.” and with that Ianos presses a silver indentation in the wall and the sliding door in front of him opens. With his back turned to Ryu he says one last statement before leaving “Get ready. Nina wants to speak with you...”

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Re: Breath Of Fire 7

Postby Type0x » Mon Feb 06, 2017 9:12 pm

Ryu is contemplating what is about to transpire. images of Nina being upset and yelling at him race through his mind, “she is always so nice to everyone but me”

“Well I guess it’s time to get up…” Ryu says to himself as he tries to move…He tries to move his left leg, then the right, to no avail. It would appear he has not fully recovered from the poison after all. He flails his arms above his head then out to his sides…at least they work. But try as he might he cannot get his legs to move a muscle. “Or not…” Ryu then lets out an exasperated sigh, half of him wanting to get up and speak with Nina and another half of him wanting to go back to sleep. “I guess she’s coming to me then.” His eyes wander the room, the plain grey metallic walls are being illuminated from the daylight coming in from the large window to his right. He was fortunate in that of all the beds in the room he was assigned when he officially moved into the barracks, his was the one directly next to the window. He has spent many hours reflecting on things while he has looked at the thriving city some 30 floors below him. The angle of him lying down hadn’t given him a view of the city, but looking out the window into the sky felt just as relaxing. He is reminiscing on the friendship between Ianos, Nina and himself. Ianos was the one whose family found him in the desert all those years ago. While lying in bed waiting for his legs to resume function memories of that day come flooding back…

-13 years ago-

“Uncle! Uncle! I Think I found something!” These were the first words that Ryu can remember hearing. Weak from days in the desert his body badly damaged and slowly dying from dehydration Ryu assumed the words were some twisted hallucination brought on by his impending demise. “What did you find Ianos…my god!! What the hell is a child doing out here?! And in this condition?! Are you alright lad?!” The old man could not believe what he was seeing! He quickly reached behind himself to grab his water canteen on his backpack. “Drink this, boy or you won’t last much longer!” Ryu is too weak to reach..the distraught look in his eyes conveys this to the elderly man in front of him. “Ianos, lift his head!” “Say what?!” the young boy says. “Lift his head, boy!” the elder retorts, losing patience. Ianos then puts his hand in the center of the back of Ryus head and lifts it up allowing his uncle to give Ryu water from his canteen. Drinking the water he can feel the life surging back to him. Tears of joy fills Ryu’s eyes, “Please…” is all he can say before he blacks out…

Lifting the boys arms over each of their respective shoulders Ianos and the old man drag Ryu out of the desert and towards their village a good two miles before the old man has noticed a strange sensation flowing through his shoulder. It’s almost as if the body he and his nephew are dragging is emitting a kind of electrical current. The old man looks to his right to see if his nephew notices the same thing he does, all doubt is lost when, “Uncle, do you feel that?” “Yes I do.” “What is it? Is it coming from him?” “I’m not sure Ianos, let’s just get him to the house and we’ll see what happens. Maybe when he wakes up he can give us some answers” and with that the three of them slowly make their way through the unforgiving desert towards the village of Rince…

Rince is a small village with only 80 people or so, it was started about 60 cycles ago when a group of mercenaries stumbled upon on an oasis when they were assigned to survey land for the Order. Slowly but surely a settlement was built around this sanctuary and culture flourished. It is the closest populated settlement to Agnion City and several members of the Zenithian Order hail from there.

Today is just like any other lazy day amidst the arid landscape, it is mid-morning. Most of the townspeople are still in their homes preparing for the new day, with only the busiest of bodies and the most rambunctious of children occupying the streets. The appearance of the village of Rince is in stark contrast to that of Agnion. With modest huts made of the earth itself littering the landscape with various clotheslines and fences to keep livestock could be found at seemingly every home. The lively atmosphere of the city is foreign to several of the laid back townsfolk. With the exception of those in the Order, or those whose travels take them there, most of the inhabitants of Rince tend to stay within the villages boundaries and rarely venture unless necessary. After all, why would they? If one were to go Southeast they would reach Agnion and to go North lies the village of Graham with not much in between those places. Going to anywhere else further would take days of traveling and to take on such a venture would take months of preparation to gather the necessary supplies.
In this isolated farming village in the desert, not much changes. It would seem that the influences of the city have not found their way here. Most days start and end the same so none of the townspeople expected the mundane existence would be any different then normal. The day goes by as normal, children play in the street, women are hanging clothes and tending to their homes and aforementioned children while the men are out gathering food or coming back from their jobs in the city. No one expected today would be any different then yesterday or the day before and now the sun is beginning to set, The beautiful orange glow of the skyline accentuating the desert heat. From the horizon, two of the villagers have come into town dragging a child with them.
A short, portly woman is busy carrying a basket of wet clothes to put on the clothesline. She puts the basket on the ground next to her and reaches in to grab a sopping wet undershirt that goes on the line. She hesitates, stares ahead, and gasps. The large white garment she was holding falls to the ground to get messy again as she runs towards the three men. “Jaksin! Jaksin! Who is that?!” she yells out as she runs towards her husband and nephew. “I’m not sure Emma” the old man responds, he is now shouting. “Let’s get him inside, quickly! It looks like he’s been stranded for a few days. Prepare a bed for him!” Emma, who is taken aback by the sternness in her husbands voice attributes this out of character response to his worrying of the child. She quickly runs to her hut and prepares a bed while Jaksin and Ianos drag Ryu into it. The weakened and unconscious Ryu made no struggle, which gave the elderly man a calming sense of relief as he was extremely exhausted from walking that far in the desert with dead weight, perhaps he overestimated his strength, or, as he realizes, underestimated how age has treated him. After Ryu has been placed into bed Jaksin begins to walk backwards until he reaches the wall and slowly slides down. “Put him down gently, mind his head!” Emma worryingly quips. Ianos and Emma slowly put him down in the bed they have prepared and sit on the straw mat floor, leaning their backs on the wall opposite of the bed Ryu is sleeping.

Exhausted from their journey Ianos half wheezing half asking: “So what now Uncle?”
“Now we wait for him to wake up and get some answers out of him.” “Who is he?! what happened to him?!” Emma asks, clearly frazzled by the whole thing. “I’m not sure honey, we found him in the desert like this, he looks like he’s been out there for days, he was almost dead when we found him.”
“We should take him to the hospital in the city!” Ianos quickly interjects. “Can we do anything to save him?” With a somber expression the old man turns to his nephew, uncertain of what to say…”You know Ianos…He looks like he was out there for awhile. I know grown men who wouldn’t survive being stranded in the desert…the best thing we can do is pray.” Ianos looked from his Uncle to his Aunt with a shocked expression. “Wait, why don’t we take him to Agnion?! Surely there’s a hospital we can take him too!” “Mind your tongue, boy! You and your Uncle just walked through the desert and it’s damned near sundown, You both need to rest! if the boy lives through the night we’ll see about getting him to the city” “But Aunt Emma! He may not last the night!” “Then so be it child, I’m not going to let you and your uncle risk your lives for some stranger in the dead of night! You know as well as I how dangerous the desert becomes at night!”

She was right, as of late, the desert has had a resurgence in the monster population. They normally sleep during the hot days and come out at night to pick off lone travelers on their way to and from the city. Jaksin wasn’t much of a fighter and Ianos had only practiced fighting with with his scare-crow like sparring dummies made from the branches of trees and using another branch as a staff to whack them with. Every once in a while he would encounter the occasional weak “Slime based” monsters that occasionally rise out of the sands near the oasis in the center of town. These monsters are very weak and have no immediate interest in the consumption of flesh. They have never been seen eating a human like other monsters in the area, preferring to eat moss under the rocks near the oasis. Their “skin” however is made of a corrosive acid that can burn the skin and can be lethal if left untreated. while dangerous to touch they are of very little threat, they come in several colors, all of them very bright so they’re also easy to avoid. So, again, not much of threat if one avoids them. Ianos knew he wasn’t experienced enough to traverse the desert at night yet. Swallowing his pride he conceded and slowly walked out of the room and made his way to his own, it was in the basement, most sleeping places are subterranean in this town as it is cooler beneath the surface. As he was descending the stairs his aunt has stopped him. “Now you listen here, Ianos, in the morning we’ll take him to Agnion, I promise. But for now you boys have to rest, OK? I’ll stay up with him and make sure he makes it through the night. You have to get some sleep if you and your Uncle are going to make that journey tomorrow.” Without turning his head he replies “Yes Aunt Emma.” and descends the stairs.
Turning around Emma makes her way back to Ryu and Jaksin to find them, much to her relief, in the same places from when she left. Leaning against the wall still breathing heavily from the expended energy, Jaksin is feeling a familiar sensation. The current that coursed through him while in the desert has returned, but this time, it is not painful for some reason, it almost feels…empowering. Without putting any thought, he slowly rises and begins to walk closer to Ryu, the energy he is feeling intensifying as he draws closer to him. At the same time Emma picks up a candle that was sitting on the nightstand to her right, not noticing what is happening to her husband. “Oh Jaksin…” she wipes a tear from her left eye that she has been holding back for some time. “will he live?” Jaksin, without responding, proceeds closer to Ryu.

“Reach into the pocket inside his jacket” he thought to himself, or did he? It was almost as if something has possessed the old man. “Jaksin? What are you doing?” without responding to his wife the old man lifts the covers off of Ryu and places his hand in the young boys jacket, feeling the interior for something he was sure he would find. His hand brushes against a lump towards the back the jacket, close to Ryu’s shoulder. He inserts a fingernail into a small tear in the fabric and rips it open. He has found a what appears to be a letter, encased in a brown, stained, dirty looking envelope. The sensation he was feeling has now intensified to an almost euphoric nature. Seemingly without his consent, his hands start to greedily rip open the envelope holding the letter. In response to opening it the center of the old man’s forehead begins feeling as if it were buzzing on the inside, the feeling is intoxicating. But as suddenly as it arrived, the feeling has now vanished…He opens the letter and begins to read it aloud….

“Dearest Ryu, please forgive us, We cannot handle the responsibility of raising you. We know you are strong and will find your way back to us one day.”

”Is that it?!” the old man is puzzled and almost offended, searching the envelope for anything else…Whoever had written this note, and abandoned their child in the desert, sure left and underwhelming goodbye for him to read! The letter is then placed on the nightstand next to Ryu’s bed. Mortified, Emma responds, “My God, Jaksin, who would do this to their child?” There are a few seconds of silence in the room as the candle begins to dim, almost as if it were casting a layer of darkness upon the situation. The old couple hug each other and then make their way to the staircase slowly descending into the sleeping quarters below. Emma has just finished walking her husband down to his bed. As he is getting comfortable in their bed Jaksin instructs Emma. “In the morning, Ianos and I will walk with him to the city for treatment, watch over him until we awaken.” “Yes dear, I had already planned on it. Sweet dream my love” and with that Emma ascends the stairs, goes back into the room she left Ryu, pulls up a chair and has a seat opposite him so she can watch over him. “Now, don’t you worry Ryu, you’re safe with us. Just please make it to morning.” The old woman kisses her palm, then proceeds to place her palm on the young mans forehead in an affectionate manner. The minutes she sat in that rocking chair guarding Ryu have become hours as daylight begins to break over the desert…

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Re: Breath Of Fire 7

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Snapping back into reality, Ryu stops his reminiscing when there is a angry sounding knock on the door of his room, “Come I….” without finishing the sentence a beautiful blue haired woman enters the room, her figure makes Ryu’s heart skip a few beats. The well endowed woman draws close to him, so close that Ryu begins to blush. “Hey there big boy, she says in a slow, seductive tone. “I heard you wrestled with a monster, that’s why your legs don’t work anymore” “yeah that’s me…wait…what do you mean anymore?!” “Oh the other nurses didn’t tell you? Your going to be like this forever! In fact, if we don’t amputate soon the poison may reach your arms as well.” Rye’s heart felt like it had dropped. “WHAT?!” At Ryu’s shocked response the nurse begins to giggle. “Haha, i’m just kidding. In fact princess Nina told me to tell you that to get a scare out of you. You’re going to be fine dear. I’m just here to check to see if you’re awake yet. Nina shall be here shortly.” Ryu feels a strange mixture of frustration and relief at this realization as he falls back into his bed; and with that the nurse turns around and begins to walk out of the room, Ryu can’t help but feel hypnotized by the vivacious curves of the nurse as she walks away from him. The pressurized door shuts behind the nurse and Ryu begins to compose himself. Not thirty seconds later the door opens again, it’s Nina her long golden hair shimmering with in the sunlight pouring into the room. Ryu quickly bolts up in his bed and yells: “Hey! That was a dirty trick you just pulled Nina! I almost had a heart attack!” Nina brings a hand to her mouth to stifle here laughter. “Oh come on Ryu, you have to admit it was a little funny.” Failing to appreciate the joke Ryu let’s out an exasperated sigh and lies back down…
Nina Wyndia is the current princess and heir to the Windyan fortune, she has been a friend of Ryu’s for years and has helped teach him in the ways of swordplay and martial arts. She has tried to teach him healing magic but to no avail. Perhaps it was because they’ve been friends for such a long time, or perhaps it was Nina who essentially made Ryu the mercenary he is today, whatever the reasoning, she has a bit of a soft side for Ryu, a sisterly, brotherly relationship which occasionally manifests itself as fleeting romantic feelings. She attributes these romantic feelings to nothing more than how much time she has spent with him over the years. Even if she was in love with him, she couldn’t act on those impulses. But she didn’t mind, she found men with wings more attractive anyway. “Commander Ruddra wants to speak with you Ryu.” She then lifts her left hand, a golden glow begins to emanate from her palm and a shining blue orb erupts from her palm and explodes making a small popping noise. With that Ryu begins to have feeling in his legs gain. He moves his left leg, then his right. “Wait, you were keeping me here?!” with a grin Nina turns her back and begins to walk towards the door. “Of course I did, we didn’t want you running off when there’s work to be done. Meet me in the briefing room as soon as you can. Don’t keep the commander waiting.” and with that Nina has left, the sliding doors shutting leaving Ryu alone in his room. A few moments pass and Ryu swings his legs to his left, his feet hitting the floor, the cold steel under his feet jarring him even further awake. He quickly opens a chest at the foot of his bed, removes his clothes, which seem to have been freshly laundered, puts them on and makes his way out of his room.

Ryu’s room was on the 31st floor of the military housing complex, the briefing room was on the 2nd floor. He turns to his right and makes his way down the hall towards the elevator. He barely passes four other room doors when he hears a familiar voice, “Ryu! You’re ok!” He turns around to see the short pudgy adolescent he had met the day before, The armor he was wearing yesterday has been replaced with regular-looking garments worn by the citizenry. “Loan! How are you?” “I’m fine, but how about you? Are you feeling any better?” “Why yes, Yes I am…wait…how did you know about what happened?” Loan then being to bear an enormous almost cheeky grin. “It was I who found you! After you left the training session I followed you in the direction I thought you went, It was there I found you unconscious in the desert and alerted the Order to come get you.” Ryu sighs “Yeah that wasn’t my best moment. You have to be careful y’know?” Loan looks at Ryu with a look that one could describe as being starstruck. “Oh I know! You don’t have to tell me! I always keep Herbs and Antidotes on me just in case I run into trouble, I’m surprised you didn’t! I mean, after all, you’ve been with the order for years! You would think that you would be better prepared, I won’t always be there to save you.” Ryu gives loan a playful punch on the left shoulder “Hahaha you got it! i’ll be more careful, but, all the same, make sure to stick around! You never know when I made need your help again.” “You got it Ryu! So where are you headed now?” Ryu then remembers that Nina and Ruddra are waiting for him in the briefing room. “I hate to run Loan but i’m needed in the briefing room, i’ll talk to you later, ok?” Loans eyes widen, “Oh wow! You have an assignment?! Lucky! I wish they would give me an assignment, but I just recently joined so I doubt anything like that will happen to me!” Ryu turns away and begins to walk towards the elevator. “I have to go Loan, i’ll talk to you soon, ok?” “Alright Ryu! Be careful! Don’t die on us now!” The pudgy adolescent then walks away as Ryu makes his way to the elevator…

Ryu has made it to the elevator, he presses a few buttons on the console to his right and the pressurized doors open revealing a rounded room within. The cold, gray metal walls remind Ryu of the sick bay he was in earlier this morning. He steps inside and presses the button to his right commanding the elevator to take him to the second floor. With a mechanical whirring sound and a sudden jolt Ryu feels the familiar sensation of the elevator descending. 30…29…28…27…26…Ryu’s mind begins too wander as he awaits for the elevator to finish it’s 29 floor journey. He thinks back to a time a few years ago when Nina and Ianos were helping him train in a simulation chamber. For all of Nina’s royal bloodline talk, she sure doesn’t fight like a dainty princess, her rapier slicing to and fro, cutting Ryu several times and drawing blood on more than one occasion. She isn’t the strongest fighter, but she is unbelievably quick on her feet. Ryu often wondered if she had hollow bones like a bird, leading to him giving her the nickname “Bird Bones” in fact, the first time he called her that she got VERY upset. Hitting him square in the chest with a magical fireball. Ryu can still vividly remember the searing pain.
If Nina wanted to, she could hit someone with a fireball, heal them, hit them with another fireball after they’ve healed and repeat the process as if it were a form of torture. While, she has never done this, Ryu is afraid to upset her too much in the event she thinks of doing it herself…And then there’s Ianos. For his calm and collected manner he is a very skilled fighter. Ryu feels like a single well aimed swing of Ianos staff could knock his skull clean off. Many a time has Ianos got him with that staff knocking the wind out of him in the process. And if it that weren’t bad enough, Ianos does this strange trick where his body emits a bright green aura and attacks seem to bounce right off of him. Ryu later found out this was a magic spell called “Protect” and was one of Ianos signature attack strategies, “A good defense is the best offense” there was a rumor going around amongst members of the order that Ianos was immune to magical attacks. While this isn’t true, it wasn’t very far from the truth. Ryu has witness this firsthand, The same fireballs or lightning bolts that could bring the most experienced fighter to their knees in one strike did very little damage to Ianos. No one in the order is sure why this is, not even him…
10…9…8…the time is drawing closer. A feeling of anxiety washes over Ryu, he was very intimidated of the commanding officer, Ruddra. And, you would be too, this man was massive! Atleast 40 ft tall completely clad head to foot in seemingly impenetrable armor made from the scales of giant desert serpents, with the only part of his body exposed is the part of his face where his menacingly glowing eyes sat. A glance from this behemoth would run even the most daring of souls blood cold. And it is Ryu’s least favorite thing about him. 3…2…BING! The doors rapidly open, leaving little time for someone to be grounded after the descent. Ryu leaves the elevator and is looking at the strange sights surrounding him. The normally bustling command room is all but empty except for Nina in the farthest corner of the room illuminated by a single light. Ryu walks closer to her and then the floor begins to shake beneath him, “He’s already here” Ryu thinks to himself.

RYU! come closer…

As Ryu walks closer and is now stand beside Nina the lights turn on simultaneously, filling the entire room with a regal looking yellow glow. And there, sitting upon a throne larger than most houses sat the great Commander Ruddra.

Rising from his giant throne he frightens all, “I’m surprised he doesn’t hit his head on the ceiling” Commander, with all due respect, isn’t this a little dramatic? Nina curtly proclaims. Ignoring her, Ruddra addresses Ryu. “Ryu, there is a situation in the village of Graham. Something akin to a phenomenon. Over the past few cycles we have had reports of children going missing; about 3 a year, while this is terrible, it is not a cause for panic. but as of this year more than half of the villagers have disappeared. “Wait, how can that many people go missing and no one notices”. Ruddra slowly turns his head down to meet Ryu’s gaze. “We have been keeping the matter silent through classifying this information to a majority of the order. However, that is not the point, it now appears that several of our people have also vanished when assigned to investigate their disappearance. I have assigned Ianos and you to a stealth operation. I need you and Ianos to enter the village investigate to see how many survivors there are and immediately report back to me. Ninas stern face had flinched, revealing herself out of character “Umm…what do you mean survivors” a long pause sends a tense feeling in the air. “We have reason to believe the disappearances may be the result of recent monster activity in the area. Ryu…to reiterate your objective: You and Ianos are to go to the village of Graham and investigate the town, I want you to tally the amount of people you find. Once you believe you have found everyone in the village I want you to immediately report back to me directly. Time is of the essence so the order will be providing you transportation once you and Ianos reach the village of Rince. This transport shall take you to, and bring you you here from, the village of Graham. I need you to return by early tomorrow morning. Do you understand?

Nina and Ryu quickly raise the ands to their heads in salute “Yes Commander!!”. “Good, good. Now if you’ll excuse yourselves I have much work to be done. You can show yourselves out” and without any hesitation giant blue screens illuminate seemingly from thin air around the commander. He begins pressing a series of sequences making strange angelic tones and a sound like lightning penetrates Ryu’s ears. A glowing green portal with a black center erupts underneath the commander and swallows him, he is gone.

Turning towards Ryu Nina grabs his arm and forcefully drags him into the elevator, she hits the button for ground floor and they descend again. They leave the elevator and walk straight out of the compound and into the desert heat to begin their assignment.
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