location of "dummied": BoF2 enemies

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location of "dummied": BoF2 enemies

Postby ChaosPrime8 » Sun Oct 21, 2018 5:09 am

For a while, two enemies, "HeadHunter" and "C. Kameo" were thought to have been dummied enemies along with "Warrior" (prior to its posted discovery a couple years) KARI and Chairman (the latter two which are most likely placeholder enemies and have no known sprite available), until recently that I used a hacking device to discover their locations. Prior to that, I thought the only way to encounter them was using the random battle lineup shuffle code in the overworld, but after enabling random battles in locations where they were disabled, I discovered that in the main entrance of the Grand Church (i.e the dark room) is where these two enemies are found. "E. Dragon" is also fought in this random battle line up as well. It makes me wonder if the dev team made an oversight by disabling the random battles in the main entrance because I always found it odd that there were not random battles located there.
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