Question about the Dragon Zombie in Dauna mines

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Question about the Dragon Zombie in Dauna mines

Postby Ryuuna » Fri Nov 23, 2018 6:47 pm

Regarding the D.Zombie you fight in Dauna mines, I wonder whether it could have been the remnants of Ryu's mother that might tried to protect her son or at least some brood relative of his. Ryu in his dragon form was found crystallized inside the mines and conversely, it is the same location you fight a dragon zombie. The Zombie expresses hatred towards the guardians (Garr) which further reinforces my assumption that a desperate fight between brood and guardians had taken place there.

The wiki suggests otherwise though -

"A mysterious woman claims that the D.Zombie was not a true Brood. What the D.Zombie really was is a mystery. Interestingly, this woman's identity also remained a mystery. To further this mystery, both D.Zombie and the woman grant Ryu two dragon genes: Shadow and Fusion, respectively, further questioning if either or both are connected to the Brood or not. "

Coincidence or am I way off mark? Has this mystery ever been solved (dev interview maybe?).
It's been over a decade that I last played the game, so my memory might be a bit foggy as well.
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Re: Question about the Dragon Zombie in Dauna mines

Postby ChaosPrime8 » Sun Nov 25, 2018 10:52 am

It is possible that the zombie was just a vengeful member of the brood after getting killed while the woman was the spirit of Ryu's mother, but who knows. This scene was too cryptic if you ask me. (Shadow gene should have had other forms such as Tyrant (that would have been awesome).
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