BOF4: Endgame leveling

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BOF4: Endgame leveling

Postby kerplop » Wed Apr 24, 2019 4:39 am

I'm right at the end of BOF4 and I'd like to gain a few extra levels.

Reading on GameFAQs, I was pointed towards the Lavoids at the volcano, but I followed the instructions the walkthrough gave, and I wasn't strong enough to beat the powered-up monsters.

Can anyone give me some ideas on what to do? My party is around level 50 and I have skills like Triple Blow, Shadowwalk, War Shout and Super Combo.
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Re: BOF4: Endgame leveling

Postby Nina Windia » Wed Apr 24, 2019 11:40 am

I remember that the last battle was kinda a drag. Get a lot of potions. I don't remember exactly how my party setting was, but I would advice you to maybe get your chars a little higher on levels.
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Re: BOF4: Endgame leveling

Postby Ryuuna » Wed Apr 24, 2019 12:30 pm


For the final battle, I used Ryu in Kaiser form and spammed Shadowwalk, Cray for shield/super combo spam (had STR masters) and item spam and Nina for heal/buff/item spam as needed. Aoe heal with vigor and use war shout to get the damage up. Patch up your party with vitamins and ambrosia as necessary. Tyrant deals massive damage in the beginning but as his HP go down, so does his damage. The beginning is brutal but the battle gets easier. Use Tree Dragon and Grass Dragon in the beginning as well.

Strat relies heavily on AP replenishing items, so I saved all my wisdom fruits for this battle (150AP restored). In addition, you can fish a couple of black porgies (those replenish FULL AP). This lets you maintain Kaiser form for an extended period of time and you can keep up spamming your strongest attacks.

Alternatively, you might want to try out Scias for Shining Blade spam. With high crit and str he is a beast (pun not intended). I don't know your party setup, but from what I remember, you can extend Scias shining blade into a secret combo by combining Wind magic + Water magic + Melee Ability (by Scias) --> Ice Sword

I was around level 52 when I fought him, maybe overlevelled.
If you want XP for levelup, I think this was the fastest way you can gain them. At least this is how I used to farm XP back in the day. In contrast to lavoids or treants, bots are fast to kill and they do not power up over time. It's the safest XP farm to my knowledge. A bit repetitive but really straightforward.

Source: ... de-1143190
Source 2: ... re4_16.txt (also useful)

Basically, you want a large group of bots in Sinchon, a cluster of three is ideal. Burst them open with an aoe magic skill ~~ e.g. firewind (fire sever/eddy), Jolt (Frost + eddy/sever) or items such as napalm and then guard. If one is about to die, use Nina to heal. Wait till they restore their form and then rinse and repeat the process eight times.

(cf. FAQ) They double XP with each hit, starting from 330 (x2) 660 (x2) to 65,535 after eight hits. This is the maximum amount of XP you can get from a single monster. That's why you want a large cluster of bots to get most XP out of your battles/time spent grinding.

Lastly, if you want to even out your party level and certain characters are underlevelled, you might want to consider the "monopolize" skill you get from Marlok on those chars who need the boost.
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